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How To Get Your Handicap Down!

How To Reduce Your Handicap, you can spend thousands of pounds/dollars on the latest Titleist KS driver, Taylor made golf clubs, Scotty Cameron putter, cokey Wedges, the latest 2018 Ping irons, Titleist Pro V1 or Taylor made TP5 Golf Balls, but you're handicap just isn't dropping. What are you doing wrong? What can you do to help reduce that handicap? Maybe you're already having lessons, or your following some excellent Youtube content bit by bit, Mark Crossfield, Rick Sheila, Me and My Golf, they are all providing awesome golf tips to help you improve your game and your handicap. But still, it just isn't budging. In this video I take a look at why peoples handicap doesn't drop as expected and what you can do to improve your golf and finally get that handicap down.

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